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FlyRace Tutorial Video

The FlyRace is a totally unique concept and the only twin tip production raceboard in existence at this point. The board has proven its upwind performance time and time again in the last year however because of the unique design, it also requires some practice and tips to get the most out of it. This video shows Flysurfer’s Team Manager Gunnar Biniasch showing us how to ride the FlyRace.

How To Solo Land a Flysurfer Kite

Solo landing is never the ideal situation but it is sometimes necessary. We always recommend getting someone else to grab your kite as this is the safest method. If you have to solo land then these are the two best techniques depending on the wind strength. Thanks to Flysurfer team rider Gunnar Biniasch who has taken the time to create these How To videos.

How To Water Relaunch a Flysurfer Kite

One of the biggest issues people who are not accustomed to Flysurfers have is believing that the kites will water relaunch. Anyone who has flown a Flysurfer will know they do infact water relaunch great! Here Flysurfer team rider Gunnar Biniasch shows us how it is done.

How To Launch and Land a Flysurfer Kite

Self launching a Flysurfer kite is really easy. Once you have learnt how to pack your kite down to avoid tangles then you will be able to get out on the water in 3 minutes! Landing Flysurfers is very similar to landing a LEI however as it has no rigid structure it often confuses people. This video shows the correct technique.

How To Pack Up a Flysurfer Kite

Most people do not get the opportunity to learn how to kite with a Flysurfer. The packing up technique varies from LEI pack ups due to the extra bridling and the fact we do not disconnect the lines. In this video Flysurfer team rider Gunnar Biniasch explains how to best pack a Flysurfer kite.

The Mixer Test Explained

The Mixer Test is something many people are scared of and wary about. It is sometimes made to sound technical and like you may need a PhD to figure it out. Quite simply though, it is a very clever invention which will allow you to maintain your kites flying characteristics throughout its lifespan. As lines stretch (which they always do) you will need to compensate for this.

Here is a video of Flysurfer lead designer Armin Harich explaining the Flysurfer bridle and how to perform the mixer test.

Here is a video of Flysurfer team rider Eric Fernholm explaining the mixer test and how to troubleshoot certain flying characteristics.